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We are an asset based lender, providing commercial real estate financing with private money, hard money, and institutional sources to fund your projects. Is the property cash flowing, is this a value added acquisition? Give us about 36hrs to go over the numbers and we'll let you know what we are able to do. Every transaction is unique, and that is how we'll look at yours, with a "Certainty Of Execution" you can actually count on.

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As a DIRECT Discretionary Capital Provider backed by private banks, private investors and various institutions. Lender Capital Group, is ready to execute loans and all types of services at a moment's notice. We are fast becoming a full service private banking institution doing what we can to provide financing for our clients with the means to accomplish the goals and fulfill their dreams in these tough economic times, our primary objective is to meet our borrower's need for short-term bridge funding with Hard Money Loans, Credit Facility for Investment Properties, Equity Loans For Commercial Acquisitions, Distressed Debt, SFR Investment Properties, Third Party Purchase Of Distressed Debt, for income producing properties nationwide. We also offer Debtor-In-Possession (DIP) and Discounted Payoffs (DPO) Financing for bankruptcy reorganization and debt reductions with efficiency, flexibility, and professionalism. 


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Our Companies clients are investors regarding debt and/or equity for procuring income producing commercial real estate resources, or owner/operators who are seeking to repurchase their loans and/or recapitalize/restructure their existing assets ranging anywhere from $1 - 30 million. The structured products we arrange are bridge loans, equity, preferred equity and mezzanine capital for sponsors and operators who cannot freely access capital from customary banking sources.